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[Java3Djp:00182] Re: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError



> for(int i=0; i<i1; i++){

>     	grid = new Shape3D(geom, createAppearance(img[i], res));

> }

Texture 以外のオブジェクトも同様ですが、


javax.media.j3d.ImageComponent のモードで By Reference というのがあるので

> * By Reference:  A new feature in Java 3D version 1.2
>  allows image data to be accessed by reference,
>  directly from the RenderedImage object.
> To use this feature, you need to construct an ImageComponent object
>  with the byReference flag set to true.
> In this mode, a reference to the input data is saved,
>  but the data itself is not necessarily copied
>  (although it may be, depending on the value of the yUp flag,
>  the format of the ImageComponent, and the format of the RenderedImage). 
> Image data referenced by an ImageComponent object must not be modified. 
> Applications must exercise care not to violate this rule. 
> If any referenced RenderedImage is modified after it has been passed
>  to an ImageComponent object, the results are undefined. 
> Another restriction in by-reference mode is that
>  if the specified RenderedImage is not an instance of BufferedImage,
>  then this ImageComponent cannot be used for readRaster
>  or off-screen rendering operations, 
> since these operations modify the ImageComponent data.

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